Why submission is not completely a gift

Daddy's lil sub and her stories


Only about 70% of your submission can be gifted . The other 30% has to be taken from you by force.  In order to get that other 30% out of you, you need force.  You need discipline.  You need punishments. You consequences. You need rules.  You need structure.  A submissive cannot submit completely without these things. We need the gift of dominance in order to submit completely.  The two are directly tied.  Like any other relationship, it’s takes two to tango.

In fact, the more I think about it, as I’m writing this; the gift of dominance is the backbone of the relationship.   How can I possibly submit to someone who does not offer me discipline, punishments, rules, structure………..I cannot!  And I wouldn’t want to.  It would never work!  The only way you can truly submit is if you’re truly dominated!

Control us, force us, beat us, make us submit…

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